Passaggi nel tempo

by Cimitero senza croci

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"Passaggi nel tempo" was the second to last song I created for the album "Fino all'ultimo colpo." At nearly 29 minutes in length it was far too long for the album, much less an opener. I had planned to include this version as a bonus track, but decided that it would be better to use it as a single of sorts.

~Passaggi nel tempo ~ versione il buono, il brutto, il cattivo~
When I started creating the album, I originally intended to include dialogue from various spaghetti westerns. In the end I felt the album needed to tell the story on its own, not using other peoples' words. This version includes three sections of audio from the original Italian release of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. I never intended to use that movie for the album, but it felt like a fun way to play with this release.

~Passaggi nel tempo ~ versione completa~
This is the original unaltered version of the song. No extras, just the music.


released October 17, 2016

Created by V.Wald





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